Swing Trilogy 2014 Open Strictly Jerome Subey & Taletha Jouzdani

This was recorded during the Open Strictly Swing contest at Swing Trilogy 2014. The event was produced by Dave Moldover's Dance Jam Productions team in Raleigh, NC. This annual event features West Coast Swing workshops, performances, amateur competitions and tons of fun social dancing. www.swingtrilogy.com More fantastic events at www.dancejamproductions.com 1st Marcus Smith & Kellese Key 2nd Brennar Goree & Whitney Brown 3rd Jerome Subey & Taletha Jouzdani 4th Greg Scott & Lemery Rollins 5th Gary Jobst & Anyssa Olivares 6 Samir Zutshi & Abby Moscaritolo 7 Dean Garrish & Trendlyon Veal 8 Eddie Valdez & Kay Newhouse 9 Matthew Smith & Abi Leggette