Swing Fling 2014 Open Strictly Swing Final Sean McKeever & Courtney Adair

This is a contest of improvised West Coast Swing dance performances called Open Strictly Swing at the 23nd annual Swing Fling weekend in Washington, DC. It's the Mid Atlantic's largest and longest running Summertime West Coast Swing Weekend. www.swingfling.com. More amazing DC area West Coast Swing weekends at www.dancejamproductions.com Total of 19 couples entered. These are just the finalists in the order they placed. 1 Kris Swearingen & Trendlyon Veal 2 Luis Crespo & Deborah Sz├ękeley 3 Arjay Centeno & Lindsey Nastos 4 Sean McKeever & Courtney Adair 5 Jerome Subey & Bonnie Subey 6 Ben Hooten & Annmarie Marker 7 Markus Smith & Blandine Iche 8 Tybaldt Ulrich & Hazel Ulrich 9 Joshua Sturgeon & Rebecca Ludwick 10 Greg Scott & Heather Powers