MADjam 2015 Champions Strictly Swing Finals Arjay Centeno & Jessica Cox

Recorded at the 2015 Mid Atlantic Dance Jam. MADjam is the largest West Coast Swing party in the Eastern United States. It features NASDE and WSDC contests for amateurs and professionals, dozens of workshops and amazing social dancing that brings over 1500 dancers together from around the world on the first weekend in March. It is hosted in the Washington DC Area by Dave Moldover's Dance Jam Productions. Champions 20 Couples Entered 1st Benji Schwimmer & Sarah Vann Drake 2nd Jordan Frisbee & Jennifer Deluca 3rd Arjay Centeno & Jessica Cox 4th Kyle Redd & Deborah Székely 5th Ben Morris & Susan Kirklin 6 Robert Royston & Torri Smith 7 John Lindo & Tatiana Mollmann 8 PJ Turner & Lemery Rollins 9 Brad Whelan & Kellese Key 10 Markus Smith & Cameo Cross