DCSX 2012 Invitational JJ Luis Crespo & Deonna Ball.mov

This is the Invitational Jack & Jill contest recorded at DCSX 2012. Partners were randomly paired and danced 2 short songs the DJ picked for them. They judge each other placing themselves last. When there are uneven numbers of leaders and followers some will have more than one partner. The DC Swing Experience brings together 800+ West Coast Swing dancers for 4 nights of fun in the nation's capital. Dance Jam productions hosts this exciting event in the Nation's Capital. www.dcswingexperience.com Winners: 1 Kyle Redd & Deborah Székely 2 Markus Smith & Sarah Vann Drake 3 Arjay Centeno & Taletha Jouzdani 4 Kris Swearingen & Rebecca Ludwick 5 Jake Haning & Tredlyon Veal 6 Robin Smith & Lemery Rollins 7 Luis Crespo & Deonna Ball 8 Jason Barnes & Dawn Garrish 9 Doug Rousar & Jennifer Lyons-Bloch 10 Gregory Scott & Nicola Royston 11 Gary Jobst & Dawn Garrish